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The popularity of the French manicure is undeniable. Maybe it’s
because of the versatility that is offered by a French manicure.
They allow you to have groomed and polished looking hands without
having to worry about picking a color. Picking a color is one of my
least favorite things about getting a manicure, especially at a
nail salon. I always end up picking a color that I don’t like once
it’s on my nails. Then I either have to live with the unfortunate
color or embarrassedly ask the manicurist to change the color.
That’s the beauty of a French manicure. There really aren’t that
many decisions to be made. Sure you may have to choose between
white and off white for your tips, or possibly have to choose
between blush and beige for the base color; compared to having to
choose between wild orchid or pink palm, that decision is for

French manicure designs are normally done in nail salons. This
is because salons carry all the equipment (and talent) to create
some amazing designs. A popular method of applying a French
manicure is through an airbrush machine, which gives the nails a
smooth, even line when painting the tips white. Often manicurists
will use the airbrush machine to create stunning designs. For
example, instead of airbrushing a classic white line on the tips,
you can use a stencil to create upward points (resembling
triangles). This gives you the classic look of a French manicure
while providing a special and unique touch. If you prefer to add
color to your French manicure, you could have the manicurist draw
or airbrush a small design on your fingernail. Popular designs
include symbolic holiday designs, such as Christmas trees for the
winter, pumpkins for the fall, or hearts for Valentine’s Day. Other
designs frequently used for French manicures are flowers, palm
trees, or letter initials.

Another great think about the French manicure is that it usually
lasts longer than a traditional manicure with color, if only
because it shows fewer chips and imperfections.

What is the purpose of having a manicure, if you are just going
to put clear polish on top of your nails? Why bother to go through
all that time and trouble, to look natural? Well, we women do tons
of crazy things, and spend countless hours in the salon trying to
make ourselves appear naturally beautiful. Why should manicures be
any different? Besides, the polish is not actually clear. The
polish is two different colors. A very thin white or off white coat
is applied to the tips of your nails and allowed to dry. Then the
entire nail is painted with a soft beige or pink color, making the
nails very clean and polished looking, but not quite as dramatic as
red or pink polish.

While French manicures may look almost natural, they are the
most difficult type of manicure to have done to your nails. Most
salons charge more money for a French manicure, than a regular
manicure with one solid color. Some salons use an actual paint
brush, with very fine bristles to apply the thin white coat to the
tips of the nails. Other salons will very quickly apply the white
coat without much attention to detail. Then they will come back
before the polish has dried and remove the excess color with an
orange stick wrapped in cotton. This is interesting to watch. I
always get nervous when the manicurist paints half of my fingernail
white. I’m thinking to myself, great, I could do a better job at
home blindfolded and I’m paying her my hard earned money to make a
huge mess. But then, she is always redeemed when she had cleaned
off the excess and my nails look great. Watching her perfect this
skill with ease, I was enticed to try this process at home. I made
a huge mess; I think that next time I will leave this skill to the

Now if I have more time on my hands, I will give myself an at
home French manicure. It’s not as great as getting one in a salon,
but still a treat nonetheless. First I will soak my hands and scrub
them well with an exfoliating scrub. Next I will trim and shape the
nails. Then I will apply a base coat of polish to my nails.

One thing that is kind of interesting about French manicures is
that they really don’t have any target age range. Anyone from
teenagers, to grandmothers can be seen sporting a French manicure,
that is something that cannot be said of most fashion trends.

In recent years, there has been a new addition to the French
manicure family. It’s the French pedicure. They have all of the
flexibility and versatility of the French manicure. I love that I
can wear pink shoes, red shoes, or black shoes without having to
rethink my toenail polish.

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