The Death and Resurrection of Quality Content

Mar 4th, 2011 | By | Category: Articles, Internet
No matter where you go online, you are bound to find someone
complaining about the quality of content available online. When
we want to find information that answers our questions for us,
the last thing we want to do is to land on a MFA (Made For
Adsense) website with questionable content. And yet, many of the
people who complain about this state of affairs also contribute
to the problem.

Believe it or not, you have the ability to become part of the
solution, rather than to continue being part of the problem. Keep
reading to learn how...

As the people who create the content that the world consumes,
through the World Wide Web, we are in a very unique position. We
have the power to change the future of the Internet... We have
the power to change the world for the better...

We have the power to turn the Internet into something our
children and grandchildren could value...

People who do not market goods and services online wonder why the
Internet has become a cesspool or irrelevant and badly written
content... They wonder why the information they find online is
littered with so much junk and garbage... They wonder why
marketers are willing to ruin the Internet in a quest to make a
few extra dollars...

Google, more than any other website, understands the battle that
they must win... They must devise systems that will conquer and
destroy the wealth of junk content online... It is a battle that
that Google must win, in order to ensure the longevity of its
value in the marketplace...

Over the last year, Bing has been eating into Google's market
share, in its effort to capture more eyeballs and more
advertising dollars...

The wizards behind the curtain at Google understand that Google
needs to change to survive. They know that Bing is winning market
share, because Google's search results are littered with a vast
empire of junk content, masquerading as quality content.
Information consumers have begun to take notice the heaps of junk
in Google's search results... And they are starting to notice in
large numbers...

Google must adapt or die...

As a result, Google is becoming somewhat more aggressive to weed
out the kinds of content that people are afraid that they cannot

There are still vast opportunities for marketers to take
advantage of Google, in order to convince Google's search
algorithms that a filthy, stinking piece of dog poo is good
quality content... So if this has been your business model until
now, you will still have opportunities to play that game into the

But the reality is that the dog poo method of creating content
for the Internet is one that can only promise short-term gains...
Up until Google figures out how to recognize the dog poo on the

As online marketers, we are in a unique position of power... If
we are willing to make a commitment to raise the bar on the
quality of content we provide to the global community, we can
start cleaning up our own corner of the Internet, one day at a

And if we are willing to make a commitment to better quality
information, we can ensure a more long-term viability for our
online businesses, because our content will be at a level where
Google does not feel a need to whack our brand of Internet

When the Google Spam Team looks out on the vastness of the
Internet and sees our content as an example of the kind of
Internet they want to endorse, we will find Google technicians
making a commitment not to cleanse our websites from its search

As web content creators, we have the power to raise the bar... We
have the power to create the kind of content that our children
and grandchildren will be happy to share with their

We have the power through the words that we choose to improve the
quality of the Internet, and to make it a community more people
are happy to participate...

We have the power, and our power begins with a simple idea:

If we make a commitment to using less automation and investing
more personal time into our topics, with more regard for building
an audience and less focus on trying to snatch another link, then
we could position ourselves to ride the wave of great content to
personal financial success...

Yes, it really is that easy...

We only need to make a decision to do the right thing, lead by
example, and take action to bring the dream to life...

The Death and Resurrection of Quality Content
Copyright (c) 2011 Bill Platt
the Phantom Writers

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